Sunday, May 27, 2012


A man followed his son to his school's end of the year party.
He saw other pupils being awarded gifts for their performance. His son did not collect any.
MAN: God! Why do you give me this kind of son? Are these not children too? At least, they belong to a parent too. Who will not be happy to see his child perform well like this?
The son heard this and was sad. When they end the program they walked out and wait for an Taxi or Bus, while others are going directly to their different cars. SON: God! Why have you given me this kind of father? Are these not someone's father, too. Who will his father have an Air Conditioned Jeep and will not be happy? See, see them as they are enjoying!
The man heard this and gave the son a dirty slap
MAN: silly boy, , dont you know that if you study hard now, you will buy a Jeep too?
SON: Dad, that means you did not study hard when you are young. Thats why you dont have ca

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