Tuesday, January 29, 2013


1. U buy an underwear at a bend down select under
owino market( cheap and local) and on facebook u write "i love Gucciunderwear"*God is watching u* 

2. U re a married man wit 2 kids & on facebook u claim
to be single*God is watching u* 

3. U re 21yrs old & dating a man of 54yrs,u updates says
"can't wait to see my baby" is dat ur baby or ur daddy?
*God is watching u*
4. U re drinking ice water & u update "i'm drinking
johnny waker on d rocks"*God is watching u* 

5. U re in d house watching WWE RAW but u updates
"watching silver bird at d cinemas *God is watching u*

 6. U sell retail biscuit and chewing gums & u updates
"had a long day at office*GOD is watching u* 

7. U re waiting 4 a taxi and update "stuck in traffic thank
God 4 d airconditioner in ma car*God is watching u* 

8. U re using fake nokia fone bnd u updates us status
"my laptop is slow"*God is watching u*
9. U re in katanga slum and update "near new
york"*God is watching u* 

10. U real name is Mgbeke Ifeoma and on facebook u
call urself "Pretty Beyonce"*God is watching u*

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